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Why List With Nancy?

When you list with 95 % of Real Estate agents, they will put up a sign and put your home in MLS.
Waiting, waiting and more waiting. What a joke !

We sell property, lots of it.
Here is how: 'Advertising' in 7 different Magazines, 3 Newspapers, using Direct Mailers and the Internet.

The day you sign with us you will have a Virtual Video Tour of your home, created and uploaded on the Internet!
And yes there is more: we even have Billboards.

Our advertising budget is thousands a month and that's ok. Nancy and her team are confident they will sell your property.
We Love Nancy Leslie!

Before you list your property with any agent
Ask these questions !

How will the agent advertise your property?
Will they put it in MLS? yes everyone will do that.

The question is will they put your property in paid advertising ?

95 % of agents will give you a yard sign and MLS and that's it !
Nancy Leslie sells a lot of property. Why? She spends thousands on advertising each month.

Nancy Leslie has ads in Homes and Land, Luxury Home, Suncoast Home and many other magazines.

She is also one of the very few who utilize Billboards on major highways.

Then, there is the Internet. Nancy employs staff just to take care of her internet traffic. Part of her internet marketing strategies involves virtual tours on Youtube,where people can see your home.

A professional videographer will come to your property and film and then transform it into a beautiful commercial about your home.

Nancy Leslie
Wants to Sell Your Home


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